Wealth-Building Real Estate And Technology Project Development

NuFutures Holdings Ltd. Develops And Manages Projects In Twenty-Five Cities Across The United States.

Full-Service Real Estate And Technology Project Development

From Single/2-flat/3-Flat/4-flat Acquisitions to 60,000-Square Foot Commercial Developments And Neighborhood-Spanning Technology Development Projects, we Have The Team, The Capacity And The Expertise To Deliver.

High-quality value-added real estate project development and management is a team effort with highly-experienced professionals delivering an on-time, on-budget top notch experience. Our team’s years of experience in site acquisition, analysis, pre-development planning, design, construction, funding acquisition and turn-key delivery are the critical difference we bring to every project.

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NuFutures Holdings Ltd. Manages Project Ventures – Real Estate And Technology – In 10 U.S. Cities

Our Project Ventures team looks for great project ventures that can benefit from a thorough professional analysis/feasibility/planning/funding projections exercise. Unlike others in the field, we’ll provide you with a 30-minute complimentary overview session and a flat-fee written summary. We’ll provide you a comprehensive assessment of your project venture – and the steps and factors to bringing it to reality. /

What Stage Are You at with your current project Venture?

Are you in the idea concept stage?

Are you ready to commission a design document or feasibility study?

Are you assembling the pre-development or development?

Do you have site control and are looking to put together a funding package? Here is what our team can offer you

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Our team of architects can produce preliminary renderings, detailed floor plans and accurate elevations that effectively capture your project design requirements.

Exterior Design​

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Furniture Design​

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Landscape Design​

Unlike some development firms, we have a landscape architect on staff that focuses on the exterior integration of the built environment.

Site Planning

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Interior Design​

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Our work with community-based groups in designing residential and commercial development projects empowers community economic development.

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Our Recent Projects

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A Great Mega Project

High Tower Building

Skyscraper Project

Big Company Headquarter

National Museum

Skyscraper Tower